Psalm 104:18

Watercolour 14x11 unframed $150

Ps 10418 Nov 16sm







Jeremiah 4:13

"Horses swifter than eagles"


Clydes Pulling - 11-14 unframed Watercolour SOLD

Clydes Pulling

The Plowman

11x14 unframed watercolour  - framed SOLD

The Plowman

Pinto - Lone horse

16x20 framed Watercolour NFS

Pinto - Lone horse

Friendly Goat

Card with original painting 4x6 One of three - two are sold

These Metchosin goats were showing how good and how mannerly they were.

Goat 2 Nov 14sm

Heron at sunset

Friesian Horse is a spectacular breed of horse.  I love the black smooth coat and the long, very long mane and tail.  What beauty in one animal!

Pastel painting 9x12

Friesian Horse

I might have named this "You can't see me" but decided on the other name.  The pussy looks like she is readying herself for a jump on an unsuspecting prey and thinks she can't be seen.

Joyce's Cat

11x14 Watercolour

Painted recently as a demo at the Local Hobby Show - finished in the studio though as the detail was just too much to do while talking to people.

Belted Kingfisher

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